Kyle Edgerton

Roger That, Dad!

Chris Waggoner

          in his

  Turbo Dakota

Lisa Leifeste Adventure Flight

Mark Leifeste Adventure Flight

AZTEC   -  Twice The Fun!

                Speed Racer Says,

"Two Horses are Better Than One"

Daniel Aguilar

Private Pilot

           Alpha Tango -

      Can you hear me?

Jon Brown's Kachina Varga

                 Great Ride!

Have Dakota, Will Travel

           The Dukes

  Mike McGonigle

  is one

Happy Pilot!

Jon & Joelle Brown 

The Flying Diamond

  Chris Waggoner

Archer PA-28-181


Nils Ottersland, CFII

Alex Brown showcasing

  his Dad, Jon Brown's,

            Vans RV7A


Philip Lane & Family

Mike Kading on a Family Outing

Bodi and Aila, her Co-Pilot

Archer PA-28-181


      Steve Acosta

with CFII, Chris Frost


Kat & Matt Balog

 Becky with Chris Frost, CFII


 This is what flying makes you do!

    James Rowan

       3rd Flight


CFII, Chris Frost


  James Rowan

Just Hangin' Around

Go See The Rattlesnakes at

Desert Aviation in Deming NM

  You know you are a great Pilot when your Passengers can sleep

Archer PA-28-181


   Ken Harbison's

 Beautiful Stinson

Amy & Kelly Duke

Quebec Flying Into The Sunset

       Lilly says

"Flying Really

      Is Cool!"

  Becky ready to fly!

    Addison Kading

with Dad Mike Kading

Archer PA-28-181


       Rene Munoz with

       Chris Frost, CFII